I enjoy a good crime podcast, an iced caramel macchiato, and sleeping in when I get the chance! I'm an avid indoorsman and my ideal date night involves drinks + board games at home. I will always cry in the episode where Jim + Pam get married. I'm happiest when I'm helping my couples live out their most special day, as stress-free  and fun as possible!

I am a Minnesota photographer with a passion for photographing people in love! I absolutely loveeee weddings and believe that taking photos doesn't have to be as stressful as it sounds. I began over ten years ago when I was an undergrad and my best friend needed engagement photos, and became more experienced behind the camera while squeezing in photo sessions during my college years. When I graduated with my master’s degree, I expected to start my “big girl” job and leave photography behind...

...and if binging entire Netflix seasons in a day were a sport, I'd be a gold medalist




as i mentioned, i'm


That’s when I realized that my real passion was photography and decided to go full-time as a MN wedding photographer!
I’ve continued capturing colorful, authentic images ever since. Over seven years since going full-time and a ton of weddings later, I am so happy that I did!

a wedding photographer in MN


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All Time Favorites

"Stop your search here! Seriously. If I were to get married 100 times, I would choose Laci every single time. Here are just a few reasons why:

From the first email I sent, we were met with kindness, professionalism, timeliness, and an "I've got this, check it off of your worry list". She listened to our vision, helped us work through details we were completely in the dark about, and did anything she could to make our planning process easier. She was understanding of family dynamics and did a great job of keeping us on track without making us feel overwhelmed."

"If you want the sweetest, kindest, most respectful, skilled, easy-to-work-with photographer, Laci is your girl. I wish I could write the perfect combination of words to express how happy we were with our decision. She truly captured the emotions of the day and gave me some of my favorite pictures EVER. My mom could hardly narrow down 20 for the Christmas card."

-Rob + Jillian

"I wish I could write the perfect combination of words to express how happy we were with our decision"

Our wedding day was just absolutely beautiful, couldn't ask for a more perfect day. She was great and we had so many people ask who our photographer was because if there was a moment that needed a picture she got it. She was all over the place and our pictures turned out absolutely breathtaking. We loved her and I would recommend her to anyone! So easy to get along and work with and if I had any questions I could text her and she would get back to me super quick. She is hands down amazing at her job! If you're looking for a photographer for your special day she is your girl and you won't be disappointed! Thank you again Laci, you're amazing!"

-Jess + Courtney

"We loved her and I would recommend her to anyone!"

We are so glad we chose Laci Jane Photography for our wedding and highly recommend her! Laci is extremely responsive and helpful in planning and answering questions in the lead-up to the big day. She makes everyone feel at ease and beautiful in front of the camera. Her enthusiasm is infectious! She made sure the specific photos we wanted were taken and had creative ideas for different shots. Laci kept us on schedule, without making us feel rushed. We were amazed how quickly we received a very sizeable “sneak peek” from her after the wedding. She really captured the joy of the day through both posed and candid shots. We’re so grateful! Her prices are competitive and it’s worth every penny.

-Ben + Karen

"Her enthusiasm is infectious!"

"Laci was absolutely amazing to work with. She was so easy to communicate with and made the whole engagement & wedding photo process seamless. She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera and makes it feel natural. We are in love with our engagement and wedding photos. We got our pictures back way sooner and quicker than we ever expected. I HIGHLY recommend using Laci for any of your photographer needs. You will not be disappointed. She is seriously the best in the business!!"

Dylan + Molly

"She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera..."

Laci was such a blessing when it came to our big day! We took engagement photos with her a few months before the wedding and we knew from the very beginning that she cared about US and wanted to do whatever she could to help us have the best wedding day ever!! Laci took the awkwardness out of engagement/wedding photos and made it a fun and memorable experience! She offered up suggestions for poses but was always down to try something we had in mind! Her organization before the big day made everything run smoothly and helped alleviate any possible stress the day of! I cannot recommend her enough to anyone looking for the perfect person to capture their day!! Thank you Laci!! 

-Logan + Selene

"Laci took the awkwardness out of engagement/wedding photos and made it a fun and memorable experience!"

We highly recommend LaciJane Photography. Her professionalism and “get it done” attitude is what every bride needs on their wedding day! We also had our engagement pictures with her and her tips and tricks really made them turn out perfect. She notices all of the small details; i.e. a piece of hair out of wack, or a hair tie on your wrist. Who doesn’t want such a sharp eye on their wedding day?! She makes your entire day run smoothly! There are SO MANY great things I can say about this photographer but one thing that really sticks out about her is her quick response time. With all of my small non-sense questions, Laci was right there to text or message me back. She is always available. The kindness and humor that radiate from her can and will make any special day go great! Again, we HIGHLY recommend. 

  -Kyle + Paris

"The kindness and humor that radiate from her can and will make any special day go great!"

Our wedding pictures turned out better than we could have imaged. LJP captured all the vital moments of our day and so much more. She is organized and even helped us with the layout/small planning details of our wedding day. She goes above and beyond. She was a joy to be around and helped ensure that the day ran smoothly. I cannot say enough kind things about Laci. Highly recommend! Thank you Laci, for being so personable, down to earth, and talented! We will be able to relive our wedding day thanks to you. 

 -Dana + Drake

"She was a joy to be around and helped ensure that the day ran smoothly"

"I could not be more thankful that Laci was our wedding photographer!! She didn’t miss a single thing, was so much fun to work with and our pictures were absolutely stunning!!! Laci is definitely the BEST!!"

-Torrey + Hannah

"Laci is definitely the best!"

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